Portraits of Kindness: Pink Shirt Day 2016


The power and potency of Pink Shirt Day is to remember, every day of the year, that we all have the ability to offer, and in return receive, kindness. It never goes out of style and the best part is it keeps giving, teaching, and spreading a positive message. We had fun! And we learned a lot. See you all in 2017!

For “Portraits of Kindness”, we asked a diverse group of people about what kindness means to them. Each had a personal take on the subject, and themes emerged about kindness in relationships, the community, the family, the classroom, and the workplace. In addition, everyone seemed to share the belief that kindness creates meaningful connections between people — and those connections that are the fundamental way to stop the seeds of bullying from taking root.

Big thanks to Social Motion Media for curating and creating the videos, and to Michelle Davies, Kagan Goh, Brooklyn Widdess, Raymond Zihao Xu, Olive Fera, and Bhuvinder Vaid for your time and wisdom. Thanks also to: Maria Bekiaris & Cary Chan, Kirsten Allenberg, Deanna Bogart, Gillian Fullerton, Vance Ng at Patio,
and Jen Schaeffers & Angela Turner of CKNW Orphans’ Fund and Pink Shirt Day.

“A smile everytime”, original music by Tristan Kane. Locations graciously provided by Lululemon, KPU Ed Studies (Kwantlen Polytechnic University), St. John Ambulance BC/Yukon, and Baptist Housing/Shannon Oaks.

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